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Who We Are & Our Masks

Are you an American company?

Yes, we are a local business in the U.S., and our sales, marketing, and operations teams are based in New York City and Los Angeles. Our production crew is based in the U.K where our masks are cut/sewn/printed and shipped from our London Facility. And we are partnered with across the U.S and World Central Kitchen to give back to the frontline and support impacted communities from each mask sale.

Where are the masks made?

Our masks are designed by our teams in New York and Los Angeles, and made in the U.K. - cut/sewn/printed and shipped from our London Facility.

Why A CoverMyMouth Face Mask?

We've tried countless face masks and found many that miss the mark. Fitted face masks left gaps near your nose and were not flexible enough when speaking, causing the mask to move up and down-- made to be fitted on an expressionless face. Many other face masks had limited options for designs because retailers are only able to carry inventory that can sell. We have a zero-waste model and only produce face masks when you find the design and style you love. Each mask is printed and made just for you, and allows us to carry the largest selection available online.

What materials are used in the masks?

Our masks are compliant with CDC guidelines — using two layers of lightweight fabric:
  • · Protective particle-resistant front: 100% hydrophobic proprietary poly-blend fiber
  • · Cooling interior: Ultra-soft cotton layer to wear it comfortably
  • · Our MaskFit™ adjustable fabric is rectangle in shape and cinches easily to enable a comfortable, form-fit without compromising protection. Perfect for any face size and shape providing extra comfort, reduced sliding, and full mouth and nose coverage. Available in Small & Large.
  • · FlexPocket™ includes a replaceable PM2.5 filter (5-layer). Extra filters available.
  • · FlexAdjust™ Loops: Absolute comfort for your ears with both the perfect stretch AND adjustable length, unlike any other mask
  • · Nose clips: Includes 5 adhesive nose clips to prevent fog on glasses and shades.

Do your masks have the nose wires?

Our masks now include adhesive nose wires/clips. Why adhesive? Permanent nose wires would affect our all over printing process & print quality, and we want to continue offering you the largest selection of over 1500+ designs. For best results to adhere to the fabric, place the nose wire inside the FlexPocket™ towards the top near your nose.
NOTE: All masks now include 5 adhesive nose wires as an option to help prevent fog on eyeglasses and shades and reduce sliding.

How do I use the nose wires?

You may place the adhesive on the front of the mask, towards the top nearest your nose at the edge of the fabric. However, many customers have preferred to place the strip in between the two fabrics within the FlexPocket, positioned towards the top in the crevice of the stitching nearest your nose, with the adhesive facing down on the inner lining. You may want to turn your mask inside out for easier application. This will hold it in place well. Simply remove the nose wires from the plastic film and press down firmly with adhesive side facing down on fabric.

Do you have form fitting masks?

Our MaskFit™ adjustable fabric is rectangle in shape and cinches easily to enable a comfortable, form-fit without compromising protection and effective in reducing the transport of air droplets/particles. . Perfect for any face size and shape providing extra comfort, reduced sliding, and full mouth and nose coverage. Rectangular in shape when flat to enable vibrant high quality printing (as you see in the first product photo) and allow flexibility for coverage on various faces, and then form fit to your face when worn (as seen in the second product photo). Please see the additional customer photos on our Facebook and Instagram.

Are the ear straps adjustable?

Our FlexAdjust™ Loops provide absolute comfort for your ears with both the perfect stretch AND adjustable length, unlike any other mask. While most other masks use ear loops made from materials used for shoe laces that irritate, flat awkward elastic, or use heavy adjustable toggles--CoverMyMouth face masks use both ultra soft elastic and weightless no-slip silicone toggles. Easily hides behind your ear, and you'll forget they're even there. Just slide to adjust.
NOTE: Product images will be updated, however all orders placed after 9/17 will include FlexAdjust™ Loops.

Giving Back To Communities

Do you give back or support charities?

Yes, a portion of proceeds from each mask sale is directly donated to support organizations that are making a good impact on the world.
To date, we have donated over $50,000 to support communities. We are partnered with, in partnership with World Central Kitchen 501(c)(3) charitable organization led by chef José Andrés, to support communities in times of crises. A portion of proceeds from each mask sold will be donated to support local restaurants and feed frontline heroes and impacted communities. We also donate a portion of proceeds from our Pride face masks to The Trevor Project, helping to provide support to and saving the lives of our LGBTQ+ youth. You can make direct contributions to our efforts on our donation page.

Orders & Delivery Times

Why does my order show as fulfilled but not delivered?

If you see your order has been fulfilled, this means that your order has been shipped and is now with USPS on its way to you!

What shipping options are available?

We currently offer Standard Shipping with USPS (6-9 business days after your order has been processed and shipped). We do not offer next-day or expedited delivery. If you pay with Amazon Pay, your order would still be shipped via Standard USPS. Please see latest shipping updates.

Did my order ship yet?

Orders take on average 2-3 business days to ship from our London facility as it is noted throughout our website, on each product page, and at checkout. Your order is being processed and your mask is being made just for you. You will receive a confirmation email when your order ships along with any shipping details. If after 9 businesses days you still have not received a notification of shipment, please contact us.

Where is my order, it still says pre-shipment?

U.S. Orders: If you received a confirmation email that your order has been shipped, the package has already shipped from our London facility and has been picked up by USPS. This has been consistent with no issues. A tracking number was sent to you, but please note that USPS **DOES NOT UPDATE** their tracking information until the package reaches the final USPS facility in your zip code (and at times not until it gets delivered).

How long does delivery take after it ships?

U.S. Orders: All orders consistently processed and ship out within 2-3 business days from our London U.K. facility and arrives in 2 days to our California U.S. facility to help shorten overall delivery time. USPS then picks up your package to deliver it to you. We have continued to see on several orders that USPS does not update the tracking information on the website, up until the date of delivery, but we have confirmed in tracking history (once delivered) that they had been scanning each step along the way - it just doesn't show on the tracking link.

Delivery Timelines: Local carrier delivery timelines after shipment vary.

U.S. orders: 6-9 days via USPS Standard (tracking # provided but USPS does NOT update until reaching final destination zip code)

U.K orders: 3-5 days via Royal Mail (tracking # provided but Royal Mail is not consistent with updating)

Canada orders: 24-30 days via Canada Post (tracking unavailable)

Australia: 24-30 days (tracking unavailable)

Worldwide orders: 3 weeks on average (tracking unavailable)

What's your return policy?

All orders are final sale. No exchanges or returns. Please be sure to refer to the sizing charts before placing any orders.

Clearance and sale items are are final sale only, and cannot be returned.

    Cancellations time window is 3 hours from time of placing the order. Once an order is in production, it can no longer be cancelled.


    Please see our return policy.

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